"In classic singer songwriter style, Devinne uses her guitar, and stunning voice to deliver captivating narrative driven performances to audiences..."

-Matt Ebbers, TrueFolkTV

After high school, Devinne attended college at the University of Massachusetts Amherst for a brief period, majoring in music education.  Shortly thereafter, Meyers’ worked in restaurants by day, and posted YouTube videos of her songs by night.  A year later, she picked up a job with her cousin in Colorado and then New Orleans, where she received her first taste of the live music scene.  After a bar conversation about her music in Jefferson County LA, the bar patrons handed her a guitar and told her to show off her skills.  That night after listening in, the owner of the Pour House in Jefferson County offered her a weekly gig on Monday Nights, where she continued to perform for Louisiana locals.

Becoming homesick and missing the fall foliage, Meyers decided to move back to her hometown of Binghamton, NY and continue her live music career.  She quickly found a commradery among other local musicians, and began performing at local venues like Cyber Café West, and festivals like Rec Park Music Fest and Binghamton Porchfest.  In 2015, she and drummer Ty Whitbeck founded the original band East Coast Bigfoot, a roots rock band based on Meyers’ original songs.  After bassist Stephen Schweitzer and lead guitarist Ricky Resciniti joined, the band quickly gained popularity and began performing in Ithaca, opened for Driftwood at the Ransom Steele Tavern in Apalachin, and performed with James Olin Oden in Raleigh, North Carolina at The Pour House.  Before heading to North Carolina, the band recorded and released an EP entitled In Search Of…, with recording engineers Joseph Emerick Alston and Seth Bove.  The EP received a warm response from fans old and new, and was the first record in which Meyers showcased her harmonica playing. In 2016 the band parted ways, prompting Devinne to leave the louder band scene and focus 100% on her solo performances and songwriting. 


Meyers' upcoming album, 'Silver Line' sheds light on stereotypical, stigmatic, and human topics that tend to be swept under the rug or go unnoticed by the status quo. The underlying theme is raw yet human experience called Pain, and by unveiling the darkness, the goal is to bring healing, awareness, and connection to those who feel alone in their personal journeys. For more information, visit www.devinnemeyers.com, or follow the handle @devinnesmusic on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Performing at venues all around the country with a homebase in the Southern Tier of New York State, Devinne Meyers is certainly a local favorite, winning 100.5 the Drive's Spotlight Sing-Off in 2016, and gaining recognition in the Press and Sun Bulletin for her song "Gypsy Lullaby," which was made "Favorite Local Song" by readers in 2015. Having performed hundreds of shows, Meyers has recently branched out to New England and as far as North Carolina, Lousiana, and Texas.

An avid poet throughout childhood, Meyers picked up a guitar at 16 and began writing music. Looking up to songwriters such as Patty Griffin, Paul McCartney, Shel Silverstein, Lisa Loeb, Fiona Apple, Susan Tedeschi and Bob Dylan, Meyers' writing has blended influences of folk, pop, soul, blues, and alternative genres with a confessional and emotional lyrical style, and edgy yet compassionate, conversational vocal styling.  She would later begin to add occasional harmonica to the acoustic guitar, adding more folk influence onto some of her songs.

WINNER of the 100.5 the DRIVE Spotlight Sing Off

“Favorite local song: Devinne Meyers, “Gypsy Lullaby,” solo

or with East Coast Bigfoot.”

-Chris Kocher, Press & Sun Bulletin