Hello everyone - thank you so much for exploring my website!  I am currently working on a new album that you probably heard about via the homepage, maybe elsewhere, called "Silver Line."  This marks my first full length studio album, and it pains me with excitement to share with you!  There is a huge team working very hard behind the scenes to bring to you a special work of art.  In the meantime, please enjoy and explore some of the music I have posted here....

The videos you see are in collaboration with an absolutely wonderful Southern-Tier NY based independent music journalism site called "TrueFolk TV."  Matthew Ebbers is the brains behind the operation, and under his grace, I've been able to work with some incredibly talented folks from my hometown of Binghamton, including sound engineer Michael Micha of Abandoned Studios, and his wife, photographer Alyssa Micha, of Alyssa Micha Photography.  TrueFolk TV truly works for the cause, showcasing talent that does not otherwise have the support or backing of a record label.  Please, check out TrueFolkTV.com for more talent and great content!

Another thing I've been cooking up has been what I like to call "The Cellphone Series."  This was an unconventional idea, sprouting from... well, impatience, and wanting to go against the grain of what I was told to do.  Of course, in the age of information, high-quality audio is revered.  But, one day, Got-damn, I was too impatient to wait for fancy shmancy recordings, and edits, mixing and mastering.  I wanted to deliver to the listeners, and that's what I did.  Before sound recording, there was only the energy and willingness to share with others - and that, above the fancy - is what I wish to prioritize, like those before me.  I've always felt, that moment after writing a song, pouring my heart out in form of final draft (often semi-final) was something special, and something I could never ever replicate in a studio.  Of couse, I have a deep respect and admiration for the sound engineers who can spend 18 hours at a time in front of a control board, and pour their blood, sweat and tears into a magical sound!  That's why I am recording my album in a beautiful studio with all the bells and whistles :)  

You're also gonna find on this page, a former project that holds a special place in my heart called "East Coast Bigfoot."  This was my first band project, and features some FREAKING AMAZING musicians on some of the songs I still sing at my shows today.  

So... sit back, relax, and I hope you enjoy! Much Love, DM

ECB EP Album Art Front Cover.jpg

From my phone to yours...


In Search Of... EP from former band, East Coast Bigfoot (2015)